viernes, 26 de abril de 2013

First trailer of 'Black Sails', the new Starz for 2014

After us 'Spartacus'orphans, the Starz network has presented the first trailer for their upcoming series, although perhaps a little early. And is that the premiere of ' Black Sails' is planned for 2014, so it is strange that they have released the first step with so long from through. But well, apparently the first season is already fully recorded, so they have nothing to lose and they will want to win as soon as possible to the public.
The plot of the series, as you may have guessed, will deal with pirates, although it will not have an argument and any characters: the main characters are Captain Flint and John Silver, both characters from the book ' Treasure Island '. Series, apparently will be the events that occurred twenty years before what is narrated in the novel.
On the other hand, the fact that the producer of such production is none other than Michael Bayis remarkable. They will explode without stopping ships? It was jokes, hope that Mr. Bay knows what I do, although putting us in the best, there is that take into account only is the producer.
Referring to the trailer, to say that I've seen has not me disgusted, but also has inspired me many trusts. The picture appears too bright, and there is a certain whiff to cutredad which I could not help noticing. Still, it remains to be seen how the thing evolves, it after all we may be in a series as great as which ended recently in the same chain on certain rebel Gladiator.
Without more, I leave you with the trailer for ' Black Sails', series that will air on Starz in 2014, although there is still no exact date.

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jueves, 25 de abril de 2013

'Iron Man 3': three new clips (updated)

It was not surprising that Marvel and Disney continue releasing material ' Iron Man 3' missing so little for its release (just four days), being on this occasion two clips that are a full great SPOILER of the movie. If you want to take a look at all in the film, will not continue reading. If instead you're a complete impatient like me, who can not resist seeing them, later, you're in your House. Only say that anyway, scenes do not compose a final spoiler or anything like that, only reveals small details of the plot. As well, once this clarification, we go, that I will tell each one by his side.

To start we have a clip in full Castilian, particularly one that has shown four, in which appears the assault to the Tony mansion (though not full, clear). The spoilers that reveals this clip is actually Dr. Maya Hansen had an affair with Tony, that Happy Hogan does not die (at least for now) because it is in the hospital. That not counting how develops the whole scene, clear. Anyway, I leave it down, see under your responsibility and enjoy it (or not).

The second clip is in original version, but does not stop being curious. The scene shows Tony and Pepper in a romantic situation, but who is under armour is not the millionaire, but... well... well, nothing. A few seconds later we discovered that Tony is down, in his workshop, and controlling the suit thanks to the Extremisvirus. A scene that undoubtedly will be fun on the big screen, in addition to being curious seeing the suit move alone, without a carrier in its interior.

By the way, do not hesitate to visit the source, which contains some more of making videos off and promotional images, only for the curious.

Update: I would add another gut more, i.e. more than the scene of the attack on the mansion, this time courtesy of TVE. Impressive once again, of course.

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Another wave of 'Iron Man 3' spots. This is endless!

Seriously, Marvel, Disney, who wants to take the promotion of ' Iron Man 3', is worth already. Showing such a lot of spots, as well as repeat scenes, you show new ones that we would like to discover in the real movie. And that not to mention have to do (I know that it is not obligatory, but I can not resist) and publishing up to thirteen spots. That already tired, by eager that we have to see the tape.
Well, as I know that executives of Marvel and Disney won't me to read, and even if they did I would not ignore, I come to speak to you telling you that I leave the last six spots that have come out about the new tape of the Golden Avenger. Worth seeing them, because there are very few new scenes, although those who want to fully enjoy and discover them for yourself in the cinema, forget about this post.
I will not focus on speaking spots one by one, don't get anything too new, and all are very similar. Only remind you that does not lack anything for the release of the tape, since in little more than one week (26 April) we will have in our cinemas.
I leave the spots, although at the moment you do not despidáis, just in case.

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' Thor: the dark world ': first trailer, poster and images of the next tape of the God of Thunder

Finally we have the first trailer en castellano of the second installment of the Marvelasgardian God, and the result that seemed long flattering, couldn't be better. The new development of ' Thor: the dark world ' shows quite a few exciting scenes, as Thor return to Earth after the events in ' the Avengers ', or some moments of intense battle. It seems that the hand of Alan Taylor (director of ' game of Thrones ') is noticeable enough, since those moments of action are great. Wishing I am see this film that has climbed the rankings with his first video up to be in the third position of films that earn more I have to see this year (guess what are the first two).
Without much more to say, I leave you with the trailer in full Castilian courtesy of Marvel, and below Deputy first poster (in original version) and the first official images.
' Thor: the dark world ' will reach our cinemas on October 31.

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The difficulty in video games

A few days ago wandering around the internet I found a terrible news, as in the last game (to date) of God Of War, in the last phase, there is a series of battles where a high difficulty arises because points are not of saved and if you lose you have to start it all again, well let let know it the ugly part of this: one of the players complained of this with Santa Monica Studios through the official forum for the study, claiming that this section was really difficult and not had been able to complete the game because of this, so the developers gave to the complaints and announced to launch a patch to add elements of recovery of health between these phases.

Archimedes, the most difficult of our time testing

Well, this news has been the most horrible thing I found After theft of 5 tons of Nutella, how can be possible make a gamer this kind of requests? Although I feel old, but in my time nothing is broken, only cartridges were blowing, Teenage Mutant ninja turtles were not aliens, and if a game he did not thwart or break control was not fun.
But would really those games of yore were really complicated? Well that's what he says many people, although emerged me a possible answer that does not let me sleep for several days, perhaps in those times were not so skilled with the control and therefore is that the difficulty was totally high. Can it be? To answer this question I made an arduous investigation (read as I desempolvé my Super Nintendo) and I started to play the first game I had: "Batman returns" (not the first to play).
Seeing the glory of these 16-bit graphics, I had a great desire to play, I also thought, I ended up playing "Batman: Arkham Asylum" what could go wrong? So get ready Batman.

Well I'll tell you my experience, after blowing the cartridge so that it could start the game, I found the screen giving me two menus, an era starting the game and the other were options, in this last decided to choose the "Hard" option and I ventured in the game. I was surprised with the level of detail that has this game, it was a pity that I could not advance beyond the third level. Really cost me job returning me to adapt to the frenetic action that offered these games, mainly because you placed directly in the action, none of the tutorials or training, you had to prepare for war you just (that no one read the instructions), the cause of my death is that I had infinite lives, therefore you killed three times and the villain in turn makes a mockery because you had to start all over again. I was able to finish the game until the fourth time that I tried it, now when caught the trick. Anyway it was about to lose my last life in the final scene, which even if it is a spoiler, was against the Penguin (although I don't know if it could be spoiler in a game of 20 years ago and whose film appeared makes 21).

Bite the dust, clowns

All this what found me this experience? I found myself with a bit of frustration not to move twice scene 5 by lack of lives (being only 7 scenes), but at the end of the game was an enormous satisfaction for the difficult hours that I devoted. It is not a long game, in fact, it is very short, you can finish it in an hour if you know your enemies attack pattern (and if you do not lose so many lives like me).
So as a response to the question of the beginning of the article, my opinion is that if, before games are really hard. I finished this Batman game but there are some gems like "Against III" I could never finish it and if we go more to the past, the majority of the NES games are really hard. Either I'm going to say that now games are easy, because there are quite a few that I have removed from my opinion but give a little more than ease the player thanks to the points of saved (and thus not to repeat the full set, 4 times), but you can still spend hours trying to beat a boss.

Games now focus more on the fabulous stories and narrative, that I love because you can feel the adventure of a more exciting way, in addition to other types of gameplay that rather improve the player's experience, but in a very personal point of view, a game between more difficult, increased satisfaction to finish it.

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New trailer in Spanish and 'The Lone Ranger' poster

Here's the new trailer for ' the Lone Ranger ', through the work of Disneyfilm adaptation of the famous Hero, and starring Armie Hammer (Ranger) and the genuine Johnny Depp (Bull). I said earlier that this film had very good looking, and we have at least some security that is not only facade, as the director is neither more nor less than Gore Verbinski (director of the first ' Pirates of the Caribbean ', the best in the entire series). Watching the trailer, my expectations are confirmed, and it seems that we are before a show action and special effects in the purest style western, with touches of humor, of course.
A film that will reach our cinemas on July 19, and that hope has a great summer entertainment.
The trailer after the jump, and also attached a new poster that has emerged, also in Spanish.

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miércoles, 24 de abril de 2013

' Injustice: Gods Among Us': trailer for launch and first impression

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Tomorrow goes on sale ' Injustice: Gods Among Us', for all platforms, and recently they released the launch trailer to try to convince us of your purchase even more. Say that the demo is available from quite a few days ago, which I already have been able to try it and after the trailer I leave my first short impression. Are you a must-buy? Because at least for me no, because although I been amazed during all their promotion, and to play it I liked, is not a title that is willing to pay your price (fighting games I like, but I also love). However, when you get off a little price, will be a game that I will take into account (perhaps open struggle in my collection section).

As you have seen in the trailer, the game returns to promise a lot, with scenes and really spectacular moments. It is thus in the game? Yes, say that advances not us lie, however it is true that control lets you want in regards he attacks special. The characters handle is well ( Lex Luthor ,Batman, and Wonder Woman ) in the demo, but when wanting to make an attack of these spectacular, you find that you have no idea how to do it. The solution? To button mashing has been said. And it is that for those who do not play to fight regular titles, all games of this genre are that, press buttons in the hope of making a superataque. In this game that's easy, because at the moment appears a sequence in which we attack our enemy and to change the scenario (something that has been in the videos). Anyway, always it is possible to learn all the combos to leave us to the first, although this is more cumbersome and complicated.

We also have simple and somewhat more skilled workers attacks that you will not be difficult to use, as the Batman batarangs and change of the loop by the shield and sword of Wonder Woman. Playable level, the title seems a wonder (with the cons of the few intuitive superataques).
On the other hand, the graphic level is pretty good, all the same to as shown in released trailers, but I think that they might have delighted us with more scenarios in the demo, since we can only fight in one.
Finally, say that you as all fighting game, if you play with a friend gets better, and with this game was not going to be less, since peer pique is inevitable while much fun.
Certainly convinced me, and the problem of special attacks could be solved with the practice and the use of more characters, although it should be easy from the start.
One thing is certain: the fun is guaranteed.

Source: Kotaku

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Great new gameplay trailer of ' Splinter Cell: Blacklist'

Despite the fact that the game has a very good looking, it had very abandoned in this our blog, so this is the perfect time to return to talking and he. And is that Ubisoft let show a few days ago a new trailer with sequences of gameplays of ' Splinter Cell: Blacklist', title which already showed at the last E3, and which gave me very good sensations in her first video. As you can see, in the video that I leave more below, Sam Fisher returns better than ever, with their stealth skills features, which we may use to destroy our enemies unless we detect.
As I say, this new installment of the series promises enough, although I do not deny that both the plot and the situations are already somewhat views in this type of games (the attack on the United States, the war in the Middle East... all very to the 'CoD'). Anyway, you always have something to catch (it seems that the storyline of this game, so Yes will do, very seems to be) and good gameplay, worth.
I leave you with the advance of ' Splinter Cell: Blacklist', which will come to our country on August 22 for all platforms.

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This is the aspect of 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' Electro

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Come up with a story that arose recently is causing tides of opinion in the network. I mean what will be Jamie Foxx in ' The Amazing Spider-Man 2', in his role of Electro, the famous enemy of the wall-crawler. And I say opinions, because its appearance is all least expected. The truth is that he has surprised a lot of people, including myself, because its design is well away of the comics, and is even ugly. However, I am not as angry as other many fans. The reasons? More below, after the jump.

1. The appearance of the comic would have been ridiculous. do you all know how is Electro not? A current type which throws rays and carries a costume of the most ridiculous, green and yellow, with a mask with rays protruding from it. This in the film would have been very faithful to the comic, but equally pathetic and out of place. Or that a superhero production of 70. With this aspect (which, at first glance, it is ugly), there is something more realistic, since not bathe one in electricity and (provided it survives, of course) stays with the same look. This mutation of the skin may be something credible on screen, so I don't see it so bad.

2. Postproduction. Keep in mind that what you see are nothing more than photos, which can be sure after post-production, design is really great. Can you imagine this guy Ray walking him his blue body? In fact, you can support this colour to give the feeling of electricity (which has always been represented with blue or yellow color). Everything is show on the screen, after all the work done.

3. Definitive wardrobe does not have to be that. Look at his clothes. I believe that these photos belong to the first scene after the accident that turns the character into Electro, with which their clothes are in very poor condition due to the accident. I do not think it rests with pants and sweatshirt, so it is possible that we will later see a representation (hope that more mature) original villain, or a different costume.

In short, that although its appearance seems to me to be horrific, may in the movie itself us convezca most, all depends on how it is at the end, and if you decide to change the clothes of the villain. Let us hope so.

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' Star Trek: in the dark ': another new trailer and poster

It seems that lately things are going trailers, since if latest entries that I tried to do this, the next that I have scheduled van of the same. But well, we will not complain, so show us more material of productions that we look forward to looking forward to. As in this case, since ' Star Trek: in the dark ' is becoming one of the films most win I have to see this year (in addition to ' Iron Man 3' and ' man of steel ').
In his new trailer not shown anything that we have not seen earlier: the crew of the Enterprise overcome by a terrible enemy, and great voiceovers Cumberbatch. The truth is that, after all the progress seen, this film promises to be a great sci-fi film, with the perfect balance between good argument, good characters, and action carried out with spectacular special effects. I hope not mistaken, and on 5 July (date of premiere in Spain), will present us everything we expect of it.

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martes, 23 de abril de 2013

First trailer in Spanish of ' the hunger games: in flames '

The first adaptation of the literary saga ' the hunger games ' was a success at the box office, so producers jumped on the bandwagon of the new film series based on books, and now we have the first trailer for the sequel to that film that we enjoyed last year. Film that was supposed to correct entertainment, but that was not to throw rockets, which I reviewed in this criticism.We now have a first breakthrough in Spanish of ' the hunger games: in flames ', which has left me a bit cold for his lack of pace and spectacular, something essential in a trailer to convince people. It may be only a first bite and later take out the heavy artillery, or can that this second part does not have as much spark as the first (and that which, I repeat, the first is very normalita). However, history catches me the attention that great performance by Jennifer Lawrence, and the best part, unlike what others are thinking.
Whatever it is, we will have it in our cinemas on November 22, so their success is almost assured, given the proximity of the Christmas.

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Spectacular new trailer for 'The man of steel'

After a few trailers and a single spot (look like carry this rhythm quite different from other MarvelStudios), comes this new advance's ' man of steel ' , which has achieved something very difficult. Ladies and gentlemen, this trailer has made you feel a huge curiosity to see this tape. All those who follow me know that I'm not a staunch follower precisely of Superman, but after watching this video of just three minutes, my hype has risen as the foam and I have a huge desire to check if I can empathize more with this DC hero in his new film. And it is that, the advance is really spectacular.
It can be seen the background of the story (the difference between Superman and humans, the need for a hero in the land, etc.), new action scenes with special effects that look like that they will be amazing, and music that brightens up everything with that touch of epic than any film of superheroes self-respecting needs. In case outside little, the music of the film will be the work of Hans Zimmer (and the classic theme of Superman in the film will not be heard in this film), i.e., loud music and epic more not being able.
In short, that put me the teeth very, very long. Here I leave the trailer in full Spanish of this tape to be released in Spain on June 21. Date pointed on the agenda, that is not me it miss for anything in the world.

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