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This is the aspect of 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' Electro

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Come up with a story that arose recently is causing tides of opinion in the network. I mean what will be Jamie Foxx in ' The Amazing Spider-Man 2', in his role of Electro, the famous enemy of the wall-crawler. And I say opinions, because its appearance is all least expected. The truth is that he has surprised a lot of people, including myself, because its design is well away of the comics, and is even ugly. However, I am not as angry as other many fans. The reasons? More below, after the jump.

1. The appearance of the comic would have been ridiculous. do you all know how is Electro not? A current type which throws rays and carries a costume of the most ridiculous, green and yellow, with a mask with rays protruding from it. This in the film would have been very faithful to the comic, but equally pathetic and out of place. Or that a superhero production of 70. With this aspect (which, at first glance, it is ugly), there is something more realistic, since not bathe one in electricity and (provided it survives, of course) stays with the same look. This mutation of the skin may be something credible on screen, so I don't see it so bad.

2. Postproduction. Keep in mind that what you see are nothing more than photos, which can be sure after post-production, design is really great. Can you imagine this guy Ray walking him his blue body? In fact, you can support this colour to give the feeling of electricity (which has always been represented with blue or yellow color). Everything is show on the screen, after all the work done.

3. Definitive wardrobe does not have to be that. Look at his clothes. I believe that these photos belong to the first scene after the accident that turns the character into Electro, with which their clothes are in very poor condition due to the accident. I do not think it rests with pants and sweatshirt, so it is possible that we will later see a representation (hope that more mature) original villain, or a different costume.

In short, that although its appearance seems to me to be horrific, may in the movie itself us convezca most, all depends on how it is at the end, and if you decide to change the clothes of the villain. Let us hope so.

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