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The difficulty in video games

A few days ago wandering around the internet I found a terrible news, as in the last game (to date) of God Of War, in the last phase, there is a series of battles where a high difficulty arises because points are not of saved and if you lose you have to start it all again, well let let know it the ugly part of this: one of the players complained of this with Santa Monica Studios through the official forum for the study, claiming that this section was really difficult and not had been able to complete the game because of this, so the developers gave to the complaints and announced to launch a patch to add elements of recovery of health between these phases.

Archimedes, the most difficult of our time testing

Well, this news has been the most horrible thing I found After theft of 5 tons of Nutella, how can be possible make a gamer this kind of requests? Although I feel old, but in my time nothing is broken, only cartridges were blowing, Teenage Mutant ninja turtles were not aliens, and if a game he did not thwart or break control was not fun.
But would really those games of yore were really complicated? Well that's what he says many people, although emerged me a possible answer that does not let me sleep for several days, perhaps in those times were not so skilled with the control and therefore is that the difficulty was totally high. Can it be? To answer this question I made an arduous investigation (read as I desempolvé my Super Nintendo) and I started to play the first game I had: "Batman returns" (not the first to play).
Seeing the glory of these 16-bit graphics, I had a great desire to play, I also thought, I ended up playing "Batman: Arkham Asylum" what could go wrong? So get ready Batman.

Well I'll tell you my experience, after blowing the cartridge so that it could start the game, I found the screen giving me two menus, an era starting the game and the other were options, in this last decided to choose the "Hard" option and I ventured in the game. I was surprised with the level of detail that has this game, it was a pity that I could not advance beyond the third level. Really cost me job returning me to adapt to the frenetic action that offered these games, mainly because you placed directly in the action, none of the tutorials or training, you had to prepare for war you just (that no one read the instructions), the cause of my death is that I had infinite lives, therefore you killed three times and the villain in turn makes a mockery because you had to start all over again. I was able to finish the game until the fourth time that I tried it, now when caught the trick. Anyway it was about to lose my last life in the final scene, which even if it is a spoiler, was against the Penguin (although I don't know if it could be spoiler in a game of 20 years ago and whose film appeared makes 21).

Bite the dust, clowns

All this what found me this experience? I found myself with a bit of frustration not to move twice scene 5 by lack of lives (being only 7 scenes), but at the end of the game was an enormous satisfaction for the difficult hours that I devoted. It is not a long game, in fact, it is very short, you can finish it in an hour if you know your enemies attack pattern (and if you do not lose so many lives like me).
So as a response to the question of the beginning of the article, my opinion is that if, before games are really hard. I finished this Batman game but there are some gems like "Against III" I could never finish it and if we go more to the past, the majority of the NES games are really hard. Either I'm going to say that now games are easy, because there are quite a few that I have removed from my opinion but give a little more than ease the player thanks to the points of saved (and thus not to repeat the full set, 4 times), but you can still spend hours trying to beat a boss.

Games now focus more on the fabulous stories and narrative, that I love because you can feel the adventure of a more exciting way, in addition to other types of gameplay that rather improve the player's experience, but in a very personal point of view, a game between more difficult, increased satisfaction to finish it.

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