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' Injustice: Gods Among Us': trailer for launch and first impression

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Tomorrow goes on sale ' Injustice: Gods Among Us', for all platforms, and recently they released the launch trailer to try to convince us of your purchase even more. Say that the demo is available from quite a few days ago, which I already have been able to try it and after the trailer I leave my first short impression. Are you a must-buy? Because at least for me no, because although I been amazed during all their promotion, and to play it I liked, is not a title that is willing to pay your price (fighting games I like, but I also love). However, when you get off a little price, will be a game that I will take into account (perhaps open struggle in my collection section).

As you have seen in the trailer, the game returns to promise a lot, with scenes and really spectacular moments. It is thus in the game? Yes, say that advances not us lie, however it is true that control lets you want in regards he attacks special. The characters handle is well ( Lex Luthor ,Batman, and Wonder Woman ) in the demo, but when wanting to make an attack of these spectacular, you find that you have no idea how to do it. The solution? To button mashing has been said. And it is that for those who do not play to fight regular titles, all games of this genre are that, press buttons in the hope of making a superataque. In this game that's easy, because at the moment appears a sequence in which we attack our enemy and to change the scenario (something that has been in the videos). Anyway, always it is possible to learn all the combos to leave us to the first, although this is more cumbersome and complicated.

We also have simple and somewhat more skilled workers attacks that you will not be difficult to use, as the Batman batarangs and change of the loop by the shield and sword of Wonder Woman. Playable level, the title seems a wonder (with the cons of the few intuitive superataques).
On the other hand, the graphic level is pretty good, all the same to as shown in released trailers, but I think that they might have delighted us with more scenarios in the demo, since we can only fight in one.
Finally, say that you as all fighting game, if you play with a friend gets better, and with this game was not going to be less, since peer pique is inevitable while much fun.
Certainly convinced me, and the problem of special attacks could be solved with the practice and the use of more characters, although it should be easy from the start.
One thing is certain: the fun is guaranteed.

Source: Kotaku

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