martes, 23 de abril de 2013

Spectacular new trailer for 'The man of steel'

After a few trailers and a single spot (look like carry this rhythm quite different from other MarvelStudios), comes this new advance's ' man of steel ' , which has achieved something very difficult. Ladies and gentlemen, this trailer has made you feel a huge curiosity to see this tape. All those who follow me know that I'm not a staunch follower precisely of Superman, but after watching this video of just three minutes, my hype has risen as the foam and I have a huge desire to check if I can empathize more with this DC hero in his new film. And it is that, the advance is really spectacular.
It can be seen the background of the story (the difference between Superman and humans, the need for a hero in the land, etc.), new action scenes with special effects that look like that they will be amazing, and music that brightens up everything with that touch of epic than any film of superheroes self-respecting needs. In case outside little, the music of the film will be the work of Hans Zimmer (and the classic theme of Superman in the film will not be heard in this film), i.e., loud music and epic more not being able.
In short, that put me the teeth very, very long. Here I leave the trailer in full Spanish of this tape to be released in Spain on June 21. Date pointed on the agenda, that is not me it miss for anything in the world.

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