martes, 23 de abril de 2013

First trailer in Spanish of ' the hunger games: in flames '

The first adaptation of the literary saga ' the hunger games ' was a success at the box office, so producers jumped on the bandwagon of the new film series based on books, and now we have the first trailer for the sequel to that film that we enjoyed last year. Film that was supposed to correct entertainment, but that was not to throw rockets, which I reviewed in this criticism.We now have a first breakthrough in Spanish of ' the hunger games: in flames ', which has left me a bit cold for his lack of pace and spectacular, something essential in a trailer to convince people. It may be only a first bite and later take out the heavy artillery, or can that this second part does not have as much spark as the first (and that which, I repeat, the first is very normalita). However, history catches me the attention that great performance by Jennifer Lawrence, and the best part, unlike what others are thinking.
Whatever it is, we will have it in our cinemas on November 22, so their success is almost assured, given the proximity of the Christmas.

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