jueves, 25 de abril de 2013

Another wave of 'Iron Man 3' spots. This is endless!

Seriously, Marvel, Disney, who wants to take the promotion of ' Iron Man 3', is worth already. Showing such a lot of spots, as well as repeat scenes, you show new ones that we would like to discover in the real movie. And that not to mention have to do (I know that it is not obligatory, but I can not resist) and publishing up to thirteen spots. That already tired, by eager that we have to see the tape.
Well, as I know that executives of Marvel and Disney won't me to read, and even if they did I would not ignore, I come to speak to you telling you that I leave the last six spots that have come out about the new tape of the Golden Avenger. Worth seeing them, because there are very few new scenes, although those who want to fully enjoy and discover them for yourself in the cinema, forget about this post.
I will not focus on speaking spots one by one, don't get anything too new, and all are very similar. Only remind you that does not lack anything for the release of the tape, since in little more than one week (26 April) we will have in our cinemas.
I leave the spots, although at the moment you do not despidáis, just in case.

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