jueves, 25 de abril de 2013

' Thor: the dark world ': first trailer, poster and images of the next tape of the God of Thunder

Finally we have the first trailer en castellano of the second installment of the Marvelasgardian God, and the result that seemed long flattering, couldn't be better. The new development of ' Thor: the dark world ' shows quite a few exciting scenes, as Thor return to Earth after the events in ' the Avengers ', or some moments of intense battle. It seems that the hand of Alan Taylor (director of ' game of Thrones ') is noticeable enough, since those moments of action are great. Wishing I am see this film that has climbed the rankings with his first video up to be in the third position of films that earn more I have to see this year (guess what are the first two).
Without much more to say, I leave you with the trailer in full Castilian courtesy of Marvel, and below Deputy first poster (in original version) and the first official images.
' Thor: the dark world ' will reach our cinemas on October 31.

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