miércoles, 24 de abril de 2013

' Star Trek: in the dark ': another new trailer and poster

It seems that lately things are going trailers, since if latest entries that I tried to do this, the next that I have scheduled van of the same. But well, we will not complain, so show us more material of productions that we look forward to looking forward to. As in this case, since ' Star Trek: in the dark ' is becoming one of the films most win I have to see this year (in addition to ' Iron Man 3' and ' man of steel ').
In his new trailer not shown anything that we have not seen earlier: the crew of the Enterprise overcome by a terrible enemy, and great voiceovers Cumberbatch. The truth is that, after all the progress seen, this film promises to be a great sci-fi film, with the perfect balance between good argument, good characters, and action carried out with spectacular special effects. I hope not mistaken, and on 5 July (date of premiere in Spain), will present us everything we expect of it.

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