jueves, 25 de abril de 2013

New trailer in Spanish and 'The Lone Ranger' poster

Here's the new trailer for ' the Lone Ranger ', through the work of Disneyfilm adaptation of the famous Hero, and starring Armie Hammer (Ranger) and the genuine Johnny Depp (Bull). I said earlier that this film had very good looking, and we have at least some security that is not only facade, as the director is neither more nor less than Gore Verbinski (director of the first ' Pirates of the Caribbean ', the best in the entire series). Watching the trailer, my expectations are confirmed, and it seems that we are before a show action and special effects in the purest style western, with touches of humor, of course.
A film that will reach our cinemas on July 19, and that hope has a great summer entertainment.
The trailer after the jump, and also attached a new poster that has emerged, also in Spanish.

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