jueves, 25 de abril de 2013

'Iron Man 3': three new clips (updated)

It was not surprising that Marvel and Disney continue releasing material ' Iron Man 3' missing so little for its release (just four days), being on this occasion two clips that are a full great SPOILER of the movie. If you want to take a look at all in the film, will not continue reading. If instead you're a complete impatient like me, who can not resist seeing them, later, you're in your House. Only say that anyway, scenes do not compose a final spoiler or anything like that, only reveals small details of the plot. As well, once this clarification, we go, that I will tell each one by his side.

To start we have a clip in full Castilian, particularly one that has shown four, in which appears the assault to the Tony mansion (though not full, clear). The spoilers that reveals this clip is actually Dr. Maya Hansen had an affair with Tony, that Happy Hogan does not die (at least for now) because it is in the hospital. That not counting how develops the whole scene, clear. Anyway, I leave it down, see under your responsibility and enjoy it (or not).

The second clip is in original version, but does not stop being curious. The scene shows Tony and Pepper in a romantic situation, but who is under armour is not the millionaire, but... well... well, nothing. A few seconds later we discovered that Tony is down, in his workshop, and controlling the suit thanks to the Extremisvirus. A scene that undoubtedly will be fun on the big screen, in addition to being curious seeing the suit move alone, without a carrier in its interior.

By the way, do not hesitate to visit the source, which contains some more of making videos off and promotional images, only for the curious.

Update: I would add another gut more, i.e. more than the scene of the attack on the mansion, this time courtesy of TVE. Impressive once again, of course.

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